Testimoinal of Siam Reiki Level 1 Student – Hanna Vinh

“Last night, my baby had a high fever (40 degree Celsius) due to tonsillitis. I did reiki treatment to him for 10 minutes. After that, his body cooled down and he slept well again…

I did reiki on my knees for 5 minutes and the pain completely disappeared (before I had to wear knee pads). Reiki is magical! Grateful to Master Steve and Reiki!”

Testimonial About Thailand Gathering 2022

The journey has come to an end, but the echoes remain. Along with a few brothers and sisters in Vietnam, I am very privileged to attend Reiki courses at 7 Stones – Ubon Rachaithani- Thailand. We have experienced together the special energy, the knowledge about the science of developing psychic abilities. We also gave and received healing energy from each other.

Particularly, we have been exposed to brand-new experiences when stepping out of our comfort zone.

In the Siam Reiki Level 1 course, two very knowledgeable and experienced teachers, Ms. Kuan and Ms. Reem, had the opportunity to answer rotating questions of students who are already masters in their own fields. Ms. Suki had been working on the students’ energies before she flew to 7 Stones. She is very professional and well prepared for the Siam Reiki Level 2 course. And after 4 attunements, you have moved to a new level, with the ability to telepathically transmit energy through space, and feel the energy flowing through the hands clearly, as well as the knowledge of black magic. , dark energy, mental entity, ethereal, etc.

The Siam Reiki level 3 course has spawned a new series of masters. These masters can truly make a difference for clients across the 4 layers of the physical body, mind, emotions and energy. In addition, they can be a powerful aid to serious illnesses.

International friends are so lovely.

Aki said her time here was like a dream

Yusuf promises to return to serve everyone, giving and receiving love and energy in return..

Vietnamese students are highly impressed with what the DPA meditation course on opening the third eye brings, invaluable lessons and commitments written in the universe..

It is rare for any exorcist to be able to invite a large number of spiritual guides to perform transcending ritual or ritual for Mother Earth. Thank you all for your help. Join the ritual and take care of Mother Earth.

Love & Peace

Testimonial Of Master Yusuf Valliallah About Thailand Gathering 2022


I recently had reiki treatment with Steve.  I happened to be almost 7 months pregnant at that time and the treatment helped to release some lower back tension I’d accumulated as a result of having 2 pregnancies rather close together. The treatment left me feeling calm, happy and stressless.  I would recommend this treatment for anyone who needs help letting go of tension anywhere in the body.  You’ll be left with a feeling of warmth and well-being.

Lolita Devine

cool, I am finding the self treatments wonderfull,  and they have a lasting after effect- that seems to also magically activate the ajna more(i saw spots in the ether, and even seemed to project an image of myself doing something that I know is not good for me)

… im sure this is even stronger when working on other people…

is it ok to give yourself more than one self treatment in a day?- my session seemed to last about one and a half hours… I was in a trance for most of it, and then a few people popped into my head at the end, Im wondering if these may be important people- it seemed like a good realization about somebody who would be a good friend but has been out of touch for a while. Also some others that maybe aren’t good friends to have….anyway it gave me lots to ponder on…

and then I felt content just to relax- not inclined to do a lot- wondering if this is all positive-

like you said reiki developed you, so I suppose reaching theta more will help me understand more about my life’s direction?

Dear Mr. Lee,

Yesterday the doctor informed that my mom’s Xray made on 7 April showed a little improvement. Late yesterday afternoon they made another Xray which we’d know the result soon. Of people in the same health condition and got the same virus as my mom, the doctor said 50% of them would pass. And she said my mom is now right in between, not in the group that will for sure make it, nor the other.

As for our family, we trust in reiki energy. Please know that your help has been so critical to her, since last Monday although the Xray showed unstable result, her condition is a little better, she sleeps better, her breath is more stable, the color on her face is better. I don’t dare to say how she’d become without the support energy from reiki as both the virus and the drugs are very strong for her health condition.

Please keep helping her!! My friend will help me to transfer another 10,000B to you today. It’s a small contribution, and I can’t find words to express my thankfulness. I think the most meaningful and best way to thank you is learning reiki to help others. So sometimes later when I can plan for a week in BKK I’d like to become your student for level 1. I hope I can make it soon.

I wish you and everyone in the center a great day,

Best Regards,