Over the years Lee Wei-De has seen many students develop from beginners to more advanced and into Teacher levels in Reiki. Sometimes in their development and searching for desired meditations and experiences it is clear that some meditations are quite dangerous to the well being of the therapist. They could be shown methods that invite lower energy forms around them, like Ouija board  or invocations of lower planes in spirits that proves to be harmful to the therapist they could also become a Trance Medium with what has been mentioned has certainly not proven to be a Reiki therapist.

Below is a guided Meditation from Lee Wei-De, recorded in 2009 in Thailand.
This meditation will create a balance between heaven and earth, healing guides, Soul energy and the blissful state of consciousness that meditation creates. With the Guides from angelic orders protecting you from lower energy realms. Clearing the space of the location you perform the meditation including changing the impregnated energy in the walls to a lighter, cleaner space. THIS MEDITATION IS SAFE

Love and Light Lee Wei-De.