Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Procedures for Siam Reiki

Siam Reiki has incorporated the Institute of Applied Holistic Health Sciences policy on Recognition of Prior Learning to provide opportunity and reduce duplicating learning and evident skills. 

Recognition of Prior Learning benefits students in many ways.

1:Eliminates the need to duplicate training that has already been completed.

2:Assists students in establishing areas of strengths and weaknesses in their existing skills and knowledge thus identifying subjects beneficial to aid in personal development.

3: Enables students to complete the diploma in a shorter time span. 

4: Helps to minimize the costs involved

There are many factors which need to be taken into consideration when awarding modular recognition as Siam Reiki is profoundly determined on training its students to  attain competency levels that are in line with current industry standards.  It cannot therefore simply Grant RPL for modules on the basis of a certificate-based transfer.

All students will therefore be required to complete a competency based assessment before recognition decision can be made

The importance of competency based assessment in RPL

Siam Reiki recognises that there are a number of ways that students may have acquired their prior learning this could have been through

A: Formal certified  Academy student studies within a structured educational establishment

B: Formal certified on-the-job training as part of their employment contract

C: Informal non-certified on-the-job training and experience

D: Informal non-certified training experience via Leisure voluntary activities

However the scope of and objectives of skills and knowledge gained from each of the above will vary considerably therefore merely holding a certificate alone having a substantial level of experience or in-depth knowledge of a subject does not automatically assume a student to be competent to standards required by Siam Reiki. Therefore the use of competency based assessment will provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate how their skills and knowledge and understanding meet the standards set by Siam Reiki.

Prior learning assessments are in line with the Siam Reiki criteria for each module there for the type of duration of assessment will vary depending on the objectives of individual modules these may include but not limited to the following

A: Written assessment

B: Written assignment

C: Verbal assessments

D: Assessment partial demonstrations

E: All of or a combination of the above

Summary of RPL procedures

All students should initially contact Siam Reiki representative to inform us of the modules for which RPL is being requested.  This can be done by email or telephone

A qualified member of Siam Reiki will then be contacted with a brief initial assessment for each RPL module to  ascertain the level or prevalent skills, qualifications and experience of the student. 

Only a qualified assessor of Siam Reiki can deem the student to have inadequate prior learning for the module in question. The student will be informed at this stage and will therefore be guided in how to complete the full training.

History of Siam Reiki

Today in Complimentary and Alternative there is an increasing need for international standards of quality control and procedures in training. Therefore The Institute of Applied Holistic Health Sciences’ was founded in 2010. 

Siam Reiki is endorsed by ‘The IAHHS’s whose objective is to provide an integrated approach to health care, providing skills and methods to heal the body/mind through traditional health sciences with a framework in education leading to a qualification.

The training organisation supplies credibility to the Healthcare Industry and certifies Siam Reiki students with it’s supporting evidence based research.

Siam Reiki not only heals the mind/body/spirit/emotional connection, restoring balance and health but also delivers world-class training programs that lead to qualifications such as Siam Reiki Diploma with core and elective subjects. Siam Reiki comes from the bases of traditional “Usui Shiki Ryoho” Reiki.

Siam Reiki founded by (Steve) Lee Wei-De in Thailand in 2008 and is dedicated to the healing art of Master Usui, who developed reiki in 1922 in Japan. His teachings have been adapted and spread throughout the world. Whilst there is much debate as to the origins of Reiki, no evidence to date has shown that another country has used or developed an energy transfer therapy or energy science such as the one defined by Master Usui in Japan. He developed a unique method that improves the body and spirit and he shared the science behind this physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing practice.

Siam Reiki guides students in their own personal growth as the Reiki energy is activated the traditional way students will grow and want to expand the knowledge and experience with energy. Courses include the following to become a Certified Siam Reiki teacher, follow the links to (Steve – Mr Lee Wei-De the Founder of Siam Reiki).

After becoming a Siam Reiki Master/Teacher the development does not stop as teachers can learn how to deliver all the above courses under the guidance of ON LINE teaching direct from Mr Lee (Steve). Certain courses such as Transcending Entities ceremonies, Crystal Gazing, How to see the Aura can only be delivered by Mr Lee, the founder of Siam Reiki and the developer of the training course, usually for safety reasons.

Reiki is a hands-on energy transfer therapy and works by expanding the chakras and aura. This in turn intensifies the spectrum of frequency of the recipient, promoting a healthier mind, body and spirit. A Siam Reiki therapist acts as a channel so that the energy is transferred to the recipient through the chakras; areas of congested energy are identified, along with the cause (spiritual, mental, emotional or physical) and a timeline may be indicated.

At each level in Siam Reiki training, a Siam Reiki Master Teacher guides the student in the transfer of energy. The teacher observes to ensure that the student’s healing assistants are working through them and that the energy is flowing through the minor and mini chakras in their hands.

Siam Reiki does not ignore those who have previously trained elsewhere:In order to maintain the quality and consistency of Siam Reiki therapists, Siam Reiki offers an assessment procedure with recognition of prior learning.

Today, there are many modalities being used around the world termed as ‘Reiki’ but are not a practical transfer of healing energy. These ‘branches’ of so-called ‘Reiki’ involve some belief systems or meditation techniques to activate the reiki energy.

Reiki is a holistic health therapy available to everyone regardless of religion race or creed. It became necessary to Trademark Siam Reiki in Thailand to show it’s loyalty and ethics to Master Usui’s technique and to the standards assured by his authentic Reiki energy science. 

Siam Traditional Doctors Association (STDA) established by certified traditional doctors, endorsed Siam Reiki to support our natural healing modality and to strengthen the credibility of alternative and Traditional medicine in our communities. We conduct programs and research with Siam Reiki and Traditional Herb Medicine Doctors on a regular basis and use state of the art equipment to quantify and monitor outcomes.​

RPL Application

The Institute of Applied Holistic Health Sciences (here forward IAHHS) recognizes that many Students may have already completed one or more of the modules included within the Diploma courses, and is therefore committed to developing a system that will recognise its Students prior learning achievements in order to avoid students having to duplicate their learning and evident skills.

RPL procedures are as follows:

I. Check the course and course code you are wanting to RPL

II. Prepare all the certificates, supporting evidence of paid or non paid work, reference documents and guarantee persons information.

III. Make appointment time with IAHHS to book the trainer’s time.

IV. Prepare the required fee calculated for each course wanting to RPL

V. Meet IAHHS for the assessment and evaluation report.

There are many factors which need to be taken into consideration when awarding modular recognition, as The Institute is profoundly determined on training its Students to attain competency levels that are in line with current industry standards, it cannot therefore simply grant RPL for modules on the basis of a certificate based transfer. All Students will therefore be required to complete a competency based assessment before the recognition decision can be made.

Siam Reiki And The Attunements

Tuning In – A Look at the Siam Reiki Attunement Process

As Reiki continues its ever-increasing rise in popularity across the globe as an alternative healing methodology, it’s becoming ever harder for those looking to become attuned to Reiki to know what is and is not genuine Reiki, and how to find a Reiki Master Teacher who will pass it on to them in its purest essence. Here we take a closer look at what a Reiki attunement is, and what is needed in order for a Reiki Master Teacher to be qualified to give it.

In the first instance, in order for a person to perform a Reiki treatment, they themselves need to be attuned to Reiki. This may seem very obvious, but with so many people these days claiming to be ‘qualified’ to initiate people into Reiki when they themselves are not genuine Reiki Practitioners, it does bare mentioning. In Siam Reiki we most commonly refer to the process as the attunement process. But what exactly is an attunement? A Reiki attunement is an initiation performed by a qualified Reiki Master Teacher, during which he or she acts as a channel as their Spiritual (Reiki) Guides transfer the Reiki energy into the student. In order for the Reiki Master Teacher to be able to give an attunement, he or she first needs to have attained a level at which a large spectrum of frequency/energy is able to flow through their body. To reach this stage, the Reiki Master Teacher will first have had to gain a great deal of their own experience as a therapist through the performance of hands-on and distant treatments, as well as confronting and releasing congested energies within their own bodies which have accumulated over their many incarnations. During the attunement process, the Spiritual (Reiki) energy is sent through the aura of the Reiki Master Teacher into their 7 Major Chakras, and it then flows out from the minor chakras in their hands. This large frequency spectrum is necessary because they will be guiding the Spiritual (Reiki) energy into the student by placing their hands and using Reiki symbols inside the student’s etheric aura (which normally stretches between 3-5cm beyond and around the physical body). The attunement produces an increase of energy within the etheric aura of the student, pushing the 7 Major Chakras to open more, which in turn creates more energy being absorbed by the functions of the physical body. As the Kundalini (Soul) energy increases, this also impacts the Nervous, Immune and Endocrine systems. At each Siam Reiki level up to Siam Reiki Master (level 3) the student always receives 4 attunements, in order to open the student as an effective and efficient channel for the Reiki energy. At each of these levels the student receives a maximum of 2 attunements per day of their training, which allows time for their body to adjust to the increased frequency/energy levels running through it. With Siam Reiki the student is required to wait a minimum period between each level (2 months between levels 1 & 2, and 6 months between levels 2 & 3) to allow time for them to adjust and to gain the necessary experience as a channel for the Spiritual energy that is being sent through their body every time they perform a treatment. For someone who is looking to become attuned to Reiki, it is important to be aware that in order for an effective attunement to take place, the person calling themselves a Reiki Teacher needs their own chakras to be open enough, and to have enough energy flowing through them, in order to perform a Reiki attunement; so if they have never performed treatments on clients, they are simply not capable of performing an attunement and passing the Reiki energy on to the student. It is also important to be aware of Reiki Teachers who claim that an attunement can be done from a distance. Based on the extensive experiences of Siam Reiki Founder, Steve Burgess, and Brahmajarns of the Siam Reiki Council, the energy transfer needs to take place inside the etheric aura of the student, and therefore an attunement simply cannot be performed from a distance. In our opinion, the only way of receiving a genuine Reiki attunement is from a qualified Reiki Master Teacher who is giving the student an attunement ‘up close and personal’ within the etheric aura of the student – and it’s as simple as that!

So for those of you who’ve never received a Reiki attunement, you may now be wondering what kind of experiences one might have in this process. Well, receiving an attunement is quite like receiving a Reiki treatment – only, in the space of a few minutes! How the student experiences this process is very much dependent on the individual, and will also be impacted by how recently they’ve received or given a Reiki treatment/treatments themselves, and whether or not they have a new Guide or Guides coming in to work with them during this process, and so on. During the attunement and in the period after, people can have experiences that include sensations of dizziness or floating, the heightening of the 6th Sense, feeling sick, a period of physical detoxification, feeling unusually emotional, and/or an introduction or increase in paranormal experiences. For someone who’s never experienced Reiki before, perhaps some of these may sound a little scary, but an important aspect of becoming a Reiki therapist is understanding that every experience you have plays an important role in your development on your spiritual path, and you will never receive more than you are able to work through – it’s kind of like ‘homework’ from the school of life! As many of you who are already busy looking at health from an ‘alternative’ view-point will be aware, detoxification happens to us in every moment of our being, and is necessary for the sustenance of our long-term health. So whilst it may not feel all that pleasant if you find yourself feeling unwell or overly emotional shortly after learning a Siam Reiki level, more than likely once the tough part is over you’re going to find yourself feeling much better than you did before you did the training and received the attunements. And this, by the way, is a pretty good sign that you’re already progressing well on your own path to a better state of health and wellbeing!

If you’d like to learn more about attunements with Siam Reiki or are interested in learning with one our dedicated IAHHS Siam Reiki Master Teachers, send your enquiry HERE, or you can search for a teacher in your area under Siam Reiki Professionals (subheading Siam Reiki Teachers). We would like to provide readers with a collection of accounts of people’s attunement experiences with Siam Reiki in the future, so if you have a story you’d like to share with others, please write to us HERE.


Siam Reiki Differences To Universal Energy Healing

Phalung Chakawan is a meditation technique to energize the Chakras before doing a treatment then during the treatment energy transfer therapists become depleted of energy.

Siam Reiki has a sacred ceremony by a Reiki teacher that transfers energy inside of the etheric aura of the student. In the 2 days (16 Hours) training there are 4 sacred ceremonies that the teacher transfers energy inside the student’s etheric aura. Students will also perform 2 treatments on other people so that they learn to feel the energy flowing and stop. Reiki there is no need to do meditation to gather or activate the energy to do treatments.

By Brahmajarn
Lee Wei-De (Steve)

Siam Reiki & Yo Ray Differences

Yo Ray therapists have to hold a amulet to send the energy to the client by also doing faith healing Mantras. Based on a (way of life or Dharma) by a student of Master Usui  Reiki Founder in Japan. The student changed the method of energy transfer as he was not so interested in the healing but more as the lifestyle in the way of life.Siam Reiki has energy going to the client based on an energy transfer from the therapist that has been trained by a Siam Reiki teacher and has had the sacred ceremonies the teacher provides. It is the Siam Reiki energy that is doing the healing, no meditation, no intentions (special thoughts), special prayers.

By Brahmajarn
Lee Wei-De (Steve)

The Unique Point Of Siam Reiki

Difference Between Siam Reiki And Other Reiki Treatments

Siam Reiki course designed by Master Steve is of high international and professional standards because of these below reasons:

1. Students will receive direct chakra attunement safely and powerfully. As a result, the aura will expand and the connection with the guides will become clear and long-lasting.

The number of attunements and the energy of the teacher during the attunement ritual are the 2 decisive factors in clearing the student’s chakras.

* At level 1, you receive 4 direct attunements.

* After level 1, you will receive support from 3 to 6 guides.

2/ Steve sets high standards for therapy: students are required to accumulate a specific amount of time and face-to-face treatments to others in order to be advanced to the next level of study.

Instead of just trying to learn quickly so they can get into work and make money, Steve’s students are required to have enough experience, psychic ability (third eye), tools (pendulum, crystal healing, etc.) as well as an empathetic mindset and heart.

3/ Moreover, Siam Reiki requires beginners to place their hands directly on other people’s bodies to feel energy flow and stop. This is in addition to the skill needed to identify and remove the congested energy from patient. 

4/ The study route for each student will be determined by the observation and direct assessment of Steve.