Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Procedures for Siam Reiki

Siam Reiki has incorporated the Institute of Applied Holistic Health Sciences policy on Recognition of Prior Learning to provide opportunity and reduce duplicating learning and evident skills. 

Recognition of Prior Learning benefits students in many ways.

1:Eliminates the need to duplicate training that has already been completed.

2:Assists students in establishing areas of strengths and weaknesses in their existing skills and knowledge thus identifying subjects beneficial to aid in personal development.

3: Enables students to complete the diploma in a shorter time span. 

4: Helps to minimize the costs involved

There are many factors which need to be taken into consideration when awarding modular recognition as Siam Reiki is profoundly determined on training its students to  attain competency levels that are in line with current industry standards.  It cannot therefore simply Grant RPL for modules on the basis of a certificate-based transfer.

All students will therefore be required to complete a competency based assessment before recognition decision can be made

The importance of competency based assessment in RPL

Siam Reiki recognises that there are a number of ways that students may have acquired their prior learning this could have been through

A: Formal certified  Academy student studies within a structured educational establishment

B: Formal certified on-the-job training as part of their employment contract

C: Informal non-certified on-the-job training and experience

D: Informal non-certified training experience via Leisure voluntary activities

However the scope of and objectives of skills and knowledge gained from each of the above will vary considerably therefore merely holding a certificate alone having a substantial level of experience or in-depth knowledge of a subject does not automatically assume a student to be competent to standards required by Siam Reiki. Therefore the use of competency based assessment will provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate how their skills and knowledge and understanding meet the standards set by Siam Reiki.

Prior learning assessments are in line with the Siam Reiki criteria for each module there for the type of duration of assessment will vary depending on the objectives of individual modules these may include but not limited to the following

A: Written assessment

B: Written assignment

C: Verbal assessments

D: Assessment partial demonstrations

E: All of or a combination of the above

Summary of RPL procedures

All students should initially contact Siam Reiki representative to inform us of the modules for which RPL is being requested.  This can be done by email or telephone

A qualified member of Siam Reiki will then be contacted with a brief initial assessment for each RPL module to  ascertain the level or prevalent skills, qualifications and experience of the student. 

Only a qualified assessor of Siam Reiki can deem the student to have inadequate prior learning for the module in question. The student will be informed at this stage and will therefore be guided in how to complete the full training.

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