Siam Reiki Student’s Testimonial

I realized the soul belonged to his family member who went with my customer in the treatment session.

Through working with the soul, I discovered the one as a tombless martyr and he was my customer’s grandfather.

My customer’s family has been dedicated to the Pagoda and Temple to help. But the grandfather’s soul wasn’t yet transcendental and went to his next incarnation circle.

I asked Master Steve what I could do to help my customer’s grandfather. Master Steve said that the soul needed enough solid rituals to support it.

Vietnam has gone through wars with many deep hurts recorded in our souls, both martyrs and alive. The 2023 Vietnam Fire Gathering is being organized by Master Steve and Vietnam Siam Reiki to help souls transform their karma.

This is the first time this important event is being organized in Vietnam!

Love & Peace
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Sharing From Ms Hien Ngoc About Developing Psychic Awareness Course (DPA)

“Here are what I found after finishing the DPA course at 7 Stone:

1. Everyone has psychic abilities

Eventually, everyone in our group completes the DPA course, though few people have to retake the test again and again. The quality of teaching is well-assured. 

In fact, I think everyone has innate psychic ability. We lost our deep inner connection as we grew older and spent the most of the time concentrating on the outer world. So my purpose of attending the course is to revive what I already have.

2. Just give it a try

Though Reiki remains a controversial topic, since the expedition was on a personal scale, it does not do anyone harm.

For me, it has to be seen in order to be believed since I’m quite stubborn. But after passing the meditation to project the intelligence into other locations on Earth, I am more confident in my gift thanks to the verified information and the presence of all students participating in that test.

The fact that I passed the psychic test is because I have gone through certain things in the spiritual journey before, so that my mind is very alert and stable. I’m not better than anyone else, I’m just having more collisions and experiences than others. So it’s going to go faster. And I believe, there is no specific time to learn. Any time is suitable. 

And then, I don’t expect any results, I don’t care about how accurate the information I receive. What I see, what I hear, I just say it, without doubt. Because we are learning, practicing, if we make any mistakes, we try again and again then the probability of being right will be higher.

From the stability of that spirit, the flow of images and information comes to me very easily and in detail to every leaf, thing, animal action, in the land that I have never even heard of the name. I can’t even spell out the name of the place, which I’m assigned to get to right. Hehe. Remembering that laughs

3. It sounds spiritual, but at the same time very scientific.

The psychic process, which simply trains to lower the frequency of brain waves down to Delta level, to reach a state of deep consciousness but remain awake. (For studies of human brainwave frequency densities, people can search for information online.)

Practice to be in that brainwave state steadily, and get into that state as quickly as possible. From there, perform psychic work, retrieve necessary information.

4. Are there any potential dangers? My answer is No, but if you find it dangerous, it is dangerous. 

I don’t find it dangerous because for me everything is open, there is a starting point from the Truth. If you are not being your true-self, and willing to open your heart and mind, all innate abilities will be blocked into their original state.

Any intention or emotion that harms any other individual will not harm anyone, but will come back to us.

Therefore, there is a process of practicing, directing yourself to focus on things that have real meaning and joy in life.

I will enjoy my sadness. If we’re upset with someone, we’ll say it outright, and deal with the anger inside, and forgive ourselves. Easily, when our mindset changes, things are a lot easier than when we were in the old patterns. This is the process of brainwave transformation. 

As we already know this is one of the basic laws of this universe.

We get what we are ~

5. What is the learning purpose? 

There are many purposes when people come to study. Solving problems learners are having, or Supporting reiki work, other forms of healing, or simply out of curiosity.

Whatever the reason, I thank myself for allowing me to experience the magical things of the past few days. Thank you to all the companions on this journey.

After studying DPA, I feel that I and others treasure this life much more.

And that alone is amazing~

The article ends ~

This image below is the item I collected in preparation for the test of structure, inner layer of the object, animal consciousness. Interesting, isn’t it?”


A Story of Siam Reiki Level 1 Student

When working with Master Steve, we often hear very fascinating stories from his students!!

For example, below is the story of a student shared privately with Mr. Steve:


Hi Master Steve, I would like to share with you an interesting story about my Mother. 

About two weeks ago, after chanting, she continued to pray for inner strength so that she could heal herself and help others. Suddenly, she heard a voice: “Reiki healing.” To her surprise, she looked around to see if anyone had told her about Reiki but no one had. She called me right away to talk about it. I was amused to hear that. I told her that it was her inner guidance and I suggested that she could continue to seek the right teacher. 

Today, I visited my Mom. She told me that, while praying for guidance on a suitable teacher, she saw your face with a bright smile and a thumbs up.

Oh, that’s amazing!

Let me add: my mother has been practicing meditation for several years and this is the second time she has heard her inner voice in that way. My mother is 75 years old. Can she sign up for  Reiki Level 1?

Testimonial about Siam Reiki Level 1 – Truong Hien Ngoc

“Truong Hien Ngoc shared her feelings completing #SiamReiki level 1:

+ About Reiki: 

Reiki is easy to practice, in my opinion. It is not a fussy therapy with complex rituals that require prior knowledge from trainees. Reiki is intended for everyone. Though I consider myself to be an absent-minded person and a minimalist, I find Reiki to be straightforward to learn and feel that everyone can perform it. Everything begins to go smoothly once I practice Reiki on myself and those around me. A healthier, more adaptable way of life is becoming a part of my everyday routine. Reiki has given me a strong base and a deeper awareness of myself and the outside world. I am no longer filled with uncertainty as a result of Reiki.

+ About the teacher:

What I appreciate about Steve and his teaching method is that he supports being yourself and free will. He demonstrates the approach, and we determine how to use it in our own unique way. His suggestion is for reference only; you must make your own decision. There is no such thing as right or wrong.

In comparison to other past teachers, I could tell by his lifestyle and teaching technique that he is a genuine teacher, a World Teacher, a guy who does not teach much, but we can learn a lot from his way of living. He is straightforward, approachable, happy, and eager to engage in conversation. He may be serious when necessary, yet he can also be hilarious. Quite human.

I also hold him in high regard, and see him as my religious friend, my brother.  

+ Regarding the course’s organizing team and facilitators: I have nothing but gratitude for everyone’s presence. 

+ Regarding the students: thank you for coming to class, for engaging in the learning sharing, and for everyone’s presence contributing to the success of the class as it is now.”

Testimonial about Siam Reiki Level 1 – Thuong Pham

“My profound gratitude goes out to Master Steve, Mr. Tung, Ms. Phuong Anh, the organizing team, and everyone else I had the good fortune to meet and spend the Siam Reiki 1 Course with. Receiving Reiki healing from Mr. Steve and other team members to cleanse all the black energy that had been stuck to me for a very long time was such a blessing. My initial reaction was a bit hazy, but after finishing the course, my spirit was uplifted and I experienced serenity and love surrounding me, which is truly fantastic. I can feel the energy flowing plainly and my body becoming warmer during the night.

In addition, dancing in high heels used to cause me calf pain on my left side. The pain continued even after trying acupuncture and massage therapy. However, the following day, after receiving Reiki energy from Ms. Tho, it subsided right away. I want to express my deep appreciation to her for sending energy to help me heal the persistent pain. I continue to practice Reiki self-treatment at home, and I no longer experience calf pain when wearing high heels.

I am eager to pass this knowledge on to all my friends so they can learn how to utilize the universal healing method as well. I am grateful to Mr. Steve and the organizer team for providing such a meaningful and practical course for health and well-being that is so healthy, cheerful, and full of enchantment. I hope to see you all in Reiki 2 class soon.”

Developing Psychic Awareness Testimonial – N

Dear lovely people out there,

If you are here today, it means you are ready for this …. it means it’s time.

How to be sure it’s time … the universe will let everything fall into place.  Inside you will know and you will get the help you need.  I guess you want me to tell you about Steve.. well, “he is one of a kind”.  Experience him, trust him (the road will get rocky and bumpy) and most of all LISTEN carefully.  He knows exactly how to approach each one of you.

Start this course without any expectations, without judgement, be open… It’s not about Steve, it’s not about you …. it’s about your Higher Self.  It’s about finding your soul’s purpose …

It’s about trusting your own inner voice, it’s about listening to that voice, no matter what happens on a physical level.

I must say though that Steve is lucky I am wise and old enough to know about unconditional love and no judgement, otherwise I would have slammed the door in his face more than once.  I would have kicked him, punched him and wacked his butt.  And let me tell you … if you are tempted to do all that … expect to get it all back, because if needed, he will not hesitate (ha ha).

So when it gets hard on you…. go out for a walk, cry, observe the butterflies, stuff your face, talk to toads, cry out for help, be patient, go wash his dishes, clean the walls in his kitchen and return to yourself.  The answers lay all in you.  Ask … Be in your integrity…

Live Life, Love, Light and Laughter
Lately I was searching for another L word that I could add to my line… so now it becomes
Life Life, Love, Light, Laughter and LISTEN
Dance and be free, carried by wind like a butterfly, no worries, you are taken care of.

I am sending all of you “special” love … pixie dust.  This love will heal you inside.  Share this love unconditionally with others on your journey.

A journey full of wonders you will meet.
A journey back into the light.
We all matter!!!
No expectations, no judgement, unconditional love.  Let the creator do his job.  It’s time to change the world.

Testimonial About DPA Class – Sophie Cot

Learning meditation is for me like travelling in other world.  And what a world:  a no limits world!  I learnt to be more open and to enhance my field of vision.

After these 7 days (the time spent very quickly!) I feel myself different with a lot of “keys” for my personal development, and thus I feel more confident for healing and helping other people.  But it was not easy at all!  Above all, in a foreign language.  I think before starting a meditation, you must feel yourself ready for changes and ready for dealing with some stuff that normally you may not want to deal with … I guess that was the right time for me, but I almost gave up the third day.  The third day, nothing happened (nor I did not want it to happen!) and I felt very frustrated and low in my confidence. 

On the same day, my Angel card said “Don’t take no for an answer… “, what I did … and the fourth day was ok.  Meditation is like hiking a mountain with different steps.  It can be very hard, but when you arrive on the top of the mountain, what an accomplishment!  You just forget the bad stuff, you feel released, happy … and expanded! (I am not sure that is the right word, in french ‘grandi’!)

In addition, with meditation, I have now a deeper understanding of reiki.  Before this training, I only worked with my hands during reiki.  Now I have a better understanding and view of my client and know more how to help or heal him or her.  I came in Thailand with a scrambled view of my path.  Now I can see the path…

Thank you Steve!

Mohana Kanah Talk About DPA Class

If I have one word to say about my ‘meditation’ experience – it is ‘WOW’.  Yesterday, after finishing meditation number 27.  I told Steve “This is not a meditation course, this is more than that!  This is a course in freeing yourself from all the pains and traumas we carried inside, all our lives, and awakening to the power we have inside – and the purpose of it.

Steve is a strong, strict teacher, but he’s just as gentle and loving in strength.  And he is bloody good at it!! oh! and yes! He is crazy in a totally funny way!!  
I didn’t know what to expect when I first arrived, all I knew was that it was and could be painful but in the end, the results are amazing (By reading other people’s reviews).

Things did get unbearably painful for me when my blockages needed to be released, all that emotions, hurts, traumas and pains came up and there were times on day 4, I had asked if it would ever end!!! BUT THEY DO!!! YAY!!!

And then the magic begins! Every meditation onwards got more and more revealing about my own abilities and the things I had never seen become visible to me.  This 8 days have been absolutely mind blowing for me and I truly have Steve to thank for, from my deepest heart!  So, go for it, and BE FREE!! 

Testimonial Of Pamela Manning

 About DPA Class

“Words simply cannot express what I have experienced in the past week.  I have wanted to do this course for a long time and it has truly exceeded my expectations.  Steve is a very unique teacher and only he could teach this course in this way.  To accomplish this level of psychic ability in a week which some people may take years in their attempt (but never achieve) the method is outstanding.

Personally, the flowing energy during the course has helped me to release some old stored emotions.  While this was a difficult time the release of emotion was very beneficial and will enable the energy to flow better.  From astral projection to psychic healing – the tools and techniques learnt on this course will be invaluable to me working towards my life purpose (whatever that might be!).

Thank you Steve!”

Testimonials Of Pazit About DPA Class

First let me say that this course was nothing like what I expected. It took me to places and areas that I didn’t even imagine that are possible for me or anybody else (like transcending my aunt for example).

I felt that the course was flowing in a very skillful way and that you knew what will happen to us at any stage, from the beginning with the relaxing manner to get the basic ground for the process to happen and to allow me to realize the potential of the psychic abilities filed and to experience the magical feeling that comes with connecting with my spiritual guides.

Through the cleansing process I experience in the middle that was very strong and challenging, rising up issues for me to look at them again and let them go.Coming to the end of the process which was very uplifting and opened up endless possibilities to use and work with the DPA tools.

In general I can say that the course was very challenging, intensive and demanding which for me made this course very worthy and good. The process was built one brick over another in gradual yet  strong way which allowed deeper understanding and opening. There were moments of high feeling after the meditations with new discoveries and moments of exhaustion(especially in the days when I had intensive pressure over Ajna chakra or emotional things coming up) and both experiences  made this course to a beautiful journey for me.
 I enjoyed Steve’s wide knowledge and experience which open my mind to so many things that are out there and around us. I want to thank you for your support and kindness in the hard moments and especially to the very to the point approach not allowing the emotional clearing to become an over dramatic situation.
​ Thank you for sharing your experience and energy with me.

Love and Light,