Developing Psychic Awareness Testimonial – N

Dear lovely people out there,

If you are here today, it means you are ready for this …. it means it’s time.

How to be sure it’s time … the universe will let everything fall into place.  Inside you will know and you will get the help you need.  I guess you want me to tell you about Steve.. well, “he is one of a kind”.  Experience him, trust him (the road will get rocky and bumpy) and most of all LISTEN carefully.  He knows exactly how to approach each one of you.

Start this course without any expectations, without judgement, be open… It’s not about Steve, it’s not about you …. it’s about your Higher Self.  It’s about finding your soul’s purpose …

It’s about trusting your own inner voice, it’s about listening to that voice, no matter what happens on a physical level.

I must say though that Steve is lucky I am wise and old enough to know about unconditional love and no judgement, otherwise I would have slammed the door in his face more than once.  I would have kicked him, punched him and wacked his butt.  And let me tell you … if you are tempted to do all that … expect to get it all back, because if needed, he will not hesitate (ha ha).

So when it gets hard on you…. go out for a walk, cry, observe the butterflies, stuff your face, talk to toads, cry out for help, be patient, go wash his dishes, clean the walls in his kitchen and return to yourself.  The answers lay all in you.  Ask … Be in your integrity…

Live Life, Love, Light and Laughter
Lately I was searching for another L word that I could add to my line… so now it becomes
Life Life, Love, Light, Laughter and LISTEN
Dance and be free, carried by wind like a butterfly, no worries, you are taken care of.

I am sending all of you “special” love … pixie dust.  This love will heal you inside.  Share this love unconditionally with others on your journey.

A journey full of wonders you will meet.
A journey back into the light.
We all matter!!!
No expectations, no judgement, unconditional love.  Let the creator do his job.  It’s time to change the world.

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