Testimonial About DPA Class – Sophie Cot

Learning meditation is for me like travelling in other world.  And what a world:  a no limits world!  I learnt to be more open and to enhance my field of vision.

After these 7 days (the time spent very quickly!) I feel myself different with a lot of “keys” for my personal development, and thus I feel more confident for healing and helping other people.  But it was not easy at all!  Above all, in a foreign language.  I think before starting a meditation, you must feel yourself ready for changes and ready for dealing with some stuff that normally you may not want to deal with … I guess that was the right time for me, but I almost gave up the third day.  The third day, nothing happened (nor I did not want it to happen!) and I felt very frustrated and low in my confidence. 

On the same day, my Angel card said “Don’t take no for an answer… “, what I did … and the fourth day was ok.  Meditation is like hiking a mountain with different steps.  It can be very hard, but when you arrive on the top of the mountain, what an accomplishment!  You just forget the bad stuff, you feel released, happy … and expanded! (I am not sure that is the right word, in french ‘grandi’!)

In addition, with meditation, I have now a deeper understanding of reiki.  Before this training, I only worked with my hands during reiki.  Now I have a better understanding and view of my client and know more how to help or heal him or her.  I came in Thailand with a scrambled view of my path.  Now I can see the path…

Thank you Steve!

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