Apartment Clearing

Apartment House Clearing, Monday 6th August, 2012   As a newly qualified Reiki 2 in mid July 2012, I enthusiastically applied the Reiki symbols to my apartment walls in Sukhumvit Soi 16. Curiously and unexpectedly the next 4 nights were disturbed by very vivid nightmares that Stephen King would have enjoyed but which, I certainly didn’t appreciate. After a particularly bad night with rabid, vampire monkeys waking me up I texted Mohana who suggested I send photos of my apartment (which is only 1 bedroom, 80sq m apartment in a 30 year old building) to the team.

Her theory was that the symbols may have woken up some bad energies which sounded plausible.   I did as requested, cleaned all my crystals and the nightmares were exchanged for dreams of myself as aggressive, violent characters, a dark side I had not experienced in real life so still not good.   I received no feedback on the photos, so presumed all was well. It wasn’t until I took the Transcending Entities course a week later that I found out my apartment was scheduled for a visit. I found this a little surprising as I had lived there for nearly 10 fairly happy years. At least, that is what I thought until I looked closer and realised that within that period I had 3 relationship breakups, a gradual deterioration to my health and had also lost 70% of my money. Oops, how had I not noticed that?!  

The transcending team that visited my apartment consisted of 6 Reiki Master Teachers and me! That is a powerful team and brought back earlier comments that I was the “cannon fodder” for this little experiment. Fortunately from the prior 2 days it was nice to know that Aaron was the human entity tampax of the group so I wasn’t unduly concerned…for me at least.   It was only when the team entered my apartment and their reactions (goosebumps, groans and gyrations) that I felt rather uneasy and drained. From their reactions I could tell the apartment was not good. This seemed to negate the last 10 years of my life and my whole belief system took a knock which left me saddened and unable to help look for the bad stuff. From feedback from the others, it seems there was 2 lots of black magic, laid (? ) at the time of a previous Thai girlfriend, 2 nasty energy impregnations in the walls, things from 20 and 60 years back and around 40 entities (the latter of whom were not contributing to the rent!). Those figures may not be 100% accurate as I was all fuzzy by this time, dreaming in a place which seemingly had been a dream the whole time.   Three circles later including one where I had to get in the middle to get black magic removed from my spine and the house was declared “cleared”.

Then one final circle and I consider myself lucky to have requested and received Merlin as a protector for my apartment (and me I feel) …  until I left for England (oh dear! Another shock to my system) at which time he would come with me! Why Merlin? A Deepak Chopra book “The Return of Merlin” had been borrowed from Mohana and, at that time, was providing insights to my development. I had invoked him for protection on earlier transcendings so he seemed very appropriate.   Since the clearing, the re-cleaning and re-programming of all my crystals and the changing of the bowl of salty water I had in my bedroom, my apartment feels “lighter”, my crystals feel more energised and “happier” and I have moved closer to accepting that what I feel and understand may not, in fact, be the truth. Whether there will be any change to my fortune, health or happiness is still to be determined but I think the clearing was a very important step on the right path.   Many thanks to the team for their efforts and companionship during the events of the day. They are certainly a unique group of people and one I would be proud to join when the work and practise has been done. Thanks also to Merlin who came to my aid on previous transcendings and is always close now.  

  Magic and miracles,   Paul Wakefield 

Students & Clearing

Students and Clearing I was fortunate enough to receive the IAHHS students to my home for training in the transcending entities & transmutation class. I could always feel a presence in the house, but had no idea it was so many.

For a while I had constantly felt drained of energy, but never when I was back in the UK; I had put it down to age and hormone changes, on waking in the morning I felt as if the energy had been sucked right out of me, and from an explanation from the IAHHS class this was what literally was happening.

When the spirits had been moved on, the house had a more relaxed feel to it, and the following morning I cleaned the two rooms I had been putting off. I no longer feel depleted of energy and my energy levels are back to normal. I would fully recommend the IAHHS trained professional Team.

Jane Cabourn

Shy to tell but this is what “HAPPENED” “I thought I was seeing shadows around the house.  Always thought they were spirits of some kind, but was never quite sure and didn’t really want to know.  They were especially bad at night when I would see shadows around the room.  Maybe they were hallucinations from years of lack of sleep, but the negative energy could be felt and I knew there was definitely something there.  

After the house clearing all this became much better.  The shadows disappeared, night time didn’t feel so haunting and I immediately started getting better sleep.  That’s definitely not a coincidence.”

“New Apartment” Since the 1st day we moved in our new apartment we were having technical, emotional and physical problems on a daily basis which did not seem to want to stop.

The technicians of the building (with help from an outside company) being unable to find definitive solutions to all our technical problems I decided to approach my problems differently.
I contacted a Fengshui master with whom we changed a few things, redecorated certain rooms… It helped, I could feel the energy in the apartment was better but it was not “yet perfect”.
Then I called a crystal healer with whom we placed specific crystals in the respective rooms. The health issues seemed to ease but we still had the emotional and technical problems.

This is when I decided to send some pictures to the group and asked for their help. 2 Masters and 2 assistants came to do the House Clearing.
At the beginning it all seemed a bit unreal and weird but sincerely all what I was told made somehow sense knowing the history of the building and from my apartment. I had 80 spirits in one of the room which was previously a praying room from the previous tenants. (no wonder I did not like this room!), too many guardians in another room which was initially 2 rooms (my apartment is made of 2 apartments), 2 spirits in one of my children’s room (the 1 with problems)… And so on…
Since then, the emotional challenges with one of the children has improved a lot, the health of another family member has also changed positively and believe me or not but with time all -except one minor- technical problems have disappeared!

If you ask me to conclude? Yes I would definitively advise a house clearing for any person who does not feel good or right at home and/or if there are any inexplicable emotional issues involved. I can tell you that it is nice to feel at ease again and in peace at home 😉

Thank you to the team!