Siam Reiki Level 3 (Master)

This is the Master level! 

After this level you will be certified as a Siam Reiki Master, and able to start a professional practice of Reiki. 

The students receives 1 day of theory, 1 day of hands-on practice and in total 4 attunements

Pre-requisites: Students must be older than 18 years and competent in Siam Reiki Level 2. There must be a minimum of 6 months from completion of Siam Reiki level 2 and students must have had 30 client experiences performing Reiki therapy (this does not include distance therapy).
Learning outcomes

    • Learn the differences in energy with a holistic viewpoint.

    • Learn Soul Retrieval and Past Life Treatments.

    • Be able to identify other energies and their meanings.

    • Be able to identify entities within the Aura and Etheric Aura.

    • Learn the Oracles of Energies.

    • Learn how to master the energy and the meaning.

    • Learn the differences between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

The participants will receive a certification in Siam Reiki Master Level 3, which is supplied by the Institute of Applied Holistic Health Sciences (IAHHS). 

Duration: 2 Days (16 hours) 
Group: 1 – 8 people per group