Siam Reiki Level 2

Certified Reiki Level 1 Course

This course is to begin one’s path as a light worker. The intensity of the energy available to a level 2 practitioner will double immediately, and will continue to increase as one continues to heal others. Reiki level 2 works on not just the physical plane, but the mental, emotional and spiritual planes as well. Reiki level 2 practitioners will follow a path of spiritual growth whether it is known consciously to them or not. 

Distance healing for a single recipient and multiple recipients is also taught, as well as purifying the energy in objects and areas.

This class is organized with one day of theory and one day of practice, students will receive in total 4 attunements, and practice and receive treatments under the supervision of the Siam Reiki Master Teacher. 

Pre-requisites: Students must be older than 18 years. There must be a minimum of 2 months from completion of Reiki Level 1 and students must have performed at 10 Reiki treatments.  
Learning outcomes

    • Learn the traditional Reiki Symbols and their uses.

    • Be able to perform a Reiki distant treatment/healing to one point/person

    • Be able to perform a Reiki distant treatment/healing to multitudes of points/people

    • Be able to feel Reiki energy flow and stop during distant therapy

    • Learn the differences between hands on treatments and distant treatments.

    • Be able to use other senses in addition to the general 5.

    • Be able to identify and release mental health congestion during a Reiki treatment.

    • Be able to identify and release emotional congestion.

    • Be able to identify and release spiritual health disorders.

The participants will receive a certification in Siam Reiki Level 2, which is supplied by the Institute of Applied Holistic Health Sciences (IAHHS). 
Duration: 2 Days ( 16 hours)
Group: 1 – 8 people per group