A Story of Siam Reiki Level 1 Student

When working with Master Steve, we often hear very fascinating stories from his students!!

For example, below is the story of a student shared privately with Mr. Steve:


Hi Master Steve, I would like to share with you an interesting story about my Mother. 

About two weeks ago, after chanting, she continued to pray for inner strength so that she could heal herself and help others. Suddenly, she heard a voice: “Reiki healing.” To her surprise, she looked around to see if anyone had told her about Reiki but no one had. She called me right away to talk about it. I was amused to hear that. I told her that it was her inner guidance and I suggested that she could continue to seek the right teacher. 

Today, I visited my Mom. She told me that, while praying for guidance on a suitable teacher, she saw your face with a bright smile and a thumbs up.

Oh, that’s amazing!

Let me add: my mother has been practicing meditation for several years and this is the second time she has heard her inner voice in that way. My mother is 75 years old. Can she sign up for  Reiki Level 1?

Testimonial about Siam Reiki Level 1 – Truong Hien Ngoc

“Truong Hien Ngoc shared her feelings completing #SiamReiki level 1:

+ About Reiki: 

Reiki is easy to practice, in my opinion. It is not a fussy therapy with complex rituals that require prior knowledge from trainees. Reiki is intended for everyone. Though I consider myself to be an absent-minded person and a minimalist, I find Reiki to be straightforward to learn and feel that everyone can perform it. Everything begins to go smoothly once I practice Reiki on myself and those around me. A healthier, more adaptable way of life is becoming a part of my everyday routine. Reiki has given me a strong base and a deeper awareness of myself and the outside world. I am no longer filled with uncertainty as a result of Reiki.

+ About the teacher:

What I appreciate about Steve and his teaching method is that he supports being yourself and free will. He demonstrates the approach, and we determine how to use it in our own unique way. His suggestion is for reference only; you must make your own decision. There is no such thing as right or wrong.

In comparison to other past teachers, I could tell by his lifestyle and teaching technique that he is a genuine teacher, a World Teacher, a guy who does not teach much, but we can learn a lot from his way of living. He is straightforward, approachable, happy, and eager to engage in conversation. He may be serious when necessary, yet he can also be hilarious. Quite human.

I also hold him in high regard, and see him as my religious friend, my brother.  

+ Regarding the course’s organizing team and facilitators: I have nothing but gratitude for everyone’s presence. 

+ Regarding the students: thank you for coming to class, for engaging in the learning sharing, and for everyone’s presence contributing to the success of the class as it is now.”

Testimonial about Siam Reiki Level 1 – Thuong Pham

“My profound gratitude goes out to Master Steve, Mr. Tung, Ms. Phuong Anh, the organizing team, and everyone else I had the good fortune to meet and spend the Siam Reiki 1 Course with. Receiving Reiki healing from Mr. Steve and other team members to cleanse all the black energy that had been stuck to me for a very long time was such a blessing. My initial reaction was a bit hazy, but after finishing the course, my spirit was uplifted and I experienced serenity and love surrounding me, which is truly fantastic. I can feel the energy flowing plainly and my body becoming warmer during the night.

In addition, dancing in high heels used to cause me calf pain on my left side. The pain continued even after trying acupuncture and massage therapy. However, the following day, after receiving Reiki energy from Ms. Tho, it subsided right away. I want to express my deep appreciation to her for sending energy to help me heal the persistent pain. I continue to practice Reiki self-treatment at home, and I no longer experience calf pain when wearing high heels.

I am eager to pass this knowledge on to all my friends so they can learn how to utilize the universal healing method as well. I am grateful to Mr. Steve and the organizer team for providing such a meaningful and practical course for health and well-being that is so healthy, cheerful, and full of enchantment. I hope to see you all in Reiki 2 class soon.”

Testimoinal of Siam Reiki Level 1 Student – Hanna Vinh

“Last night, my baby had a high fever (40 degree Celsius) due to tonsillitis. I did reiki treatment to him for 10 minutes. After that, his body cooled down and he slept well again…

I did reiki on my knees for 5 minutes and the pain completely disappeared (before I had to wear knee pads). Reiki is magical! Grateful to Master Steve and Reiki!”