A Story of Siam Reiki Level 1 Student

When working with Master Steve, we often hear very fascinating stories from his students!!

For example, below is the story of a student shared privately with Mr. Steve:


Hi Master Steve, I would like to share with you an interesting story about my Mother. 

About two weeks ago, after chanting, she continued to pray for inner strength so that she could heal herself and help others. Suddenly, she heard a voice: “Reiki healing.” To her surprise, she looked around to see if anyone had told her about Reiki but no one had. She called me right away to talk about it. I was amused to hear that. I told her that it was her inner guidance and I suggested that she could continue to seek the right teacher. 

Today, I visited my Mom. She told me that, while praying for guidance on a suitable teacher, she saw your face with a bright smile and a thumbs up.

Oh, that’s amazing!

Let me add: my mother has been practicing meditation for several years and this is the second time she has heard her inner voice in that way. My mother is 75 years old. Can she sign up for  Reiki Level 1?

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