Sharing From Ms Hien Ngoc About Developing Psychic Awareness Course (DPA)

“Here are what I found after finishing the DPA course at 7 Stone:

1. Everyone has psychic abilities

Eventually, everyone in our group completes the DPA course, though few people have to retake the test again and again. The quality of teaching is well-assured. 

In fact, I think everyone has innate psychic ability. We lost our deep inner connection as we grew older and spent the most of the time concentrating on the outer world. So my purpose of attending the course is to revive what I already have.

2. Just give it a try

Though Reiki remains a controversial topic, since the expedition was on a personal scale, it does not do anyone harm.

For me, it has to be seen in order to be believed since I’m quite stubborn. But after passing the meditation to project the intelligence into other locations on Earth, I am more confident in my gift thanks to the verified information and the presence of all students participating in that test.

The fact that I passed the psychic test is because I have gone through certain things in the spiritual journey before, so that my mind is very alert and stable. I’m not better than anyone else, I’m just having more collisions and experiences than others. So it’s going to go faster. And I believe, there is no specific time to learn. Any time is suitable. 

And then, I don’t expect any results, I don’t care about how accurate the information I receive. What I see, what I hear, I just say it, without doubt. Because we are learning, practicing, if we make any mistakes, we try again and again then the probability of being right will be higher.

From the stability of that spirit, the flow of images and information comes to me very easily and in detail to every leaf, thing, animal action, in the land that I have never even heard of the name. I can’t even spell out the name of the place, which I’m assigned to get to right. Hehe. Remembering that laughs

3. It sounds spiritual, but at the same time very scientific.

The psychic process, which simply trains to lower the frequency of brain waves down to Delta level, to reach a state of deep consciousness but remain awake. (For studies of human brainwave frequency densities, people can search for information online.)

Practice to be in that brainwave state steadily, and get into that state as quickly as possible. From there, perform psychic work, retrieve necessary information.

4. Are there any potential dangers? My answer is No, but if you find it dangerous, it is dangerous. 

I don’t find it dangerous because for me everything is open, there is a starting point from the Truth. If you are not being your true-self, and willing to open your heart and mind, all innate abilities will be blocked into their original state.

Any intention or emotion that harms any other individual will not harm anyone, but will come back to us.

Therefore, there is a process of practicing, directing yourself to focus on things that have real meaning and joy in life.

I will enjoy my sadness. If we’re upset with someone, we’ll say it outright, and deal with the anger inside, and forgive ourselves. Easily, when our mindset changes, things are a lot easier than when we were in the old patterns. This is the process of brainwave transformation. 

As we already know this is one of the basic laws of this universe.

We get what we are ~

5. What is the learning purpose? 

There are many purposes when people come to study. Solving problems learners are having, or Supporting reiki work, other forms of healing, or simply out of curiosity.

Whatever the reason, I thank myself for allowing me to experience the magical things of the past few days. Thank you to all the companions on this journey.

After studying DPA, I feel that I and others treasure this life much more.

And that alone is amazing~

The article ends ~

This image below is the item I collected in preparation for the test of structure, inner layer of the object, animal consciousness. Interesting, isn’t it?”


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