Testimonial about Siam Reiki Level 1 – Truong Hien Ngoc

“Truong Hien Ngoc shared her feelings completing #SiamReiki level 1:

+ About Reiki: 

Reiki is easy to practice, in my opinion. It is not a fussy therapy with complex rituals that require prior knowledge from trainees. Reiki is intended for everyone. Though I consider myself to be an absent-minded person and a minimalist, I find Reiki to be straightforward to learn and feel that everyone can perform it. Everything begins to go smoothly once I practice Reiki on myself and those around me. A healthier, more adaptable way of life is becoming a part of my everyday routine. Reiki has given me a strong base and a deeper awareness of myself and the outside world. I am no longer filled with uncertainty as a result of Reiki.

+ About the teacher:

What I appreciate about Steve and his teaching method is that he supports being yourself and free will. He demonstrates the approach, and we determine how to use it in our own unique way. His suggestion is for reference only; you must make your own decision. There is no such thing as right or wrong.

In comparison to other past teachers, I could tell by his lifestyle and teaching technique that he is a genuine teacher, a World Teacher, a guy who does not teach much, but we can learn a lot from his way of living. He is straightforward, approachable, happy, and eager to engage in conversation. He may be serious when necessary, yet he can also be hilarious. Quite human.

I also hold him in high regard, and see him as my religious friend, my brother.  

+ Regarding the course’s organizing team and facilitators: I have nothing but gratitude for everyone’s presence. 

+ Regarding the students: thank you for coming to class, for engaging in the learning sharing, and for everyone’s presence contributing to the success of the class as it is now.”

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