Mohana Kanah Talk About DPA Class

If I have one word to say about my ‘meditation’ experience – it is ‘WOW’.  Yesterday, after finishing meditation number 27.  I told Steve “This is not a meditation course, this is more than that!  This is a course in freeing yourself from all the pains and traumas we carried inside, all our lives, and awakening to the power we have inside – and the purpose of it.

Steve is a strong, strict teacher, but he’s just as gentle and loving in strength.  And he is bloody good at it!! oh! and yes! He is crazy in a totally funny way!!  
I didn’t know what to expect when I first arrived, all I knew was that it was and could be painful but in the end, the results are amazing (By reading other people’s reviews).

Things did get unbearably painful for me when my blockages needed to be released, all that emotions, hurts, traumas and pains came up and there were times on day 4, I had asked if it would ever end!!! BUT THEY DO!!! YAY!!!

And then the magic begins! Every meditation onwards got more and more revealing about my own abilities and the things I had never seen become visible to me.  This 8 days have been absolutely mind blowing for me and I truly have Steve to thank for, from my deepest heart!  So, go for it, and BE FREE!! 

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