Testimonials Of Pazit About DPA Class

First let me say that this course was nothing like what I expected. It took me to places and areas that I didn’t even imagine that are possible for me or anybody else (like transcending my aunt for example).

I felt that the course was flowing in a very skillful way and that you knew what will happen to us at any stage, from the beginning with the relaxing manner to get the basic ground for the process to happen and to allow me to realize the potential of the psychic abilities filed and to experience the magical feeling that comes with connecting with my spiritual guides.

Through the cleansing process I experience in the middle that was very strong and challenging, rising up issues for me to look at them again and let them go.Coming to the end of the process which was very uplifting and opened up endless possibilities to use and work with the DPA tools.

In general I can say that the course was very challenging, intensive and demanding which for me made this course very worthy and good. The process was built one brick over another in gradual yet  strong way which allowed deeper understanding and opening. There were moments of high feeling after the meditations with new discoveries and moments of exhaustion(especially in the days when I had intensive pressure over Ajna chakra or emotional things coming up) and both experiences  made this course to a beautiful journey for me.
 I enjoyed Steve’s wide knowledge and experience which open my mind to so many things that are out there and around us. I want to thank you for your support and kindness in the hard moments and especially to the very to the point approach not allowing the emotional clearing to become an over dramatic situation.
​ Thank you for sharing your experience and energy with me.

Love and Light,

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