RPL Application

The Institute of Applied Holistic Health Sciences (here forward IAHHS) recognizes that many Students may have already completed one or more of the modules included within the Diploma courses, and is therefore committed to developing a system that will recognise its Students prior learning achievements in order to avoid students having to duplicate their learning and evident skills.

RPL procedures are as follows:

I. Check the course and course code you are wanting to RPL

II. Prepare all the certificates, supporting evidence of paid or non paid work, reference documents and guarantee persons information.

III. Make appointment time with IAHHS to book the trainer’s time.

IV. Prepare the required fee calculated for each course wanting to RPL

V. Meet IAHHS for the assessment and evaluation report.

There are many factors which need to be taken into consideration when awarding modular recognition, as The Institute is profoundly determined on training its Students to attain competency levels that are in line with current industry standards, it cannot therefore simply grant RPL for modules on the basis of a certificate based transfer. All Students will therefore be required to complete a competency based assessment before the recognition decision can be made.