Professional training organizations are required by the Australian Government to meet Quality Assurance Standards and in the case of IAHHS that standard is to include references to Health Care Providers. Therefore some simple rules apply such as if say a Nurse wants to study reiki she/he will not need to study anatomy again to hold a diploma, just simply giving recognition where it is due.  With Siam Reiki the teachers have plenty of experience to identify the flow of energy when a person is performing a reiki treatment so it is quite easy to determine the competency and level of a therapist. Siam Reiki does have an assessment criteria for each of the levels including the tools such as psychic abilities and crystal, pendulum efficiency. 

Siam Reiki Core Subjects

Courses include the following to become a Certified Siam Reiki teacher;

Siam Reiki Level 1, To have the reiki energy flowing through the body, build protection

Developing Psychic warenessCan study (DPA) without learning reiki but it is best to learn before level 2 in Reiki. Most people will learn DPA and level 1 in Reiki at the same overlapping time. Though they are different skill bases they merge and deliver well together with quick transformations.

Crystal Healing, Crystals are a great tool to include into treatments, though need the Reiki energy for activation of the crystals so level 1 in Reiki is required.

Siam Reiki Level 2,  Level 2 Reiki should be at least 2 Months after study Reiki level 1 as student needs experiences with the energy going through the body and time for the expanded aura and kundilini changes that had taken place when study Reiki 1.

Pendulum Diagnosis, Fantastic tool and to have greater, quicker connection in communication with the spirit guides. That is the reason to be level 2 Reiki, as it is the Reiki energy that is needed to move the pendulum to get correct and precise details of congested energy. 

Transcending Entities Ceremonies:   After Reiki level 2 and DPA it is then have some energy to deal with greater spectrum of frequencies that include mindful energies from different realms and matter that can be very dense requiring transforming.

Psychometry,  Prior knowledge in clairvoyance helps also inner talk via thought forms so its good to have the above courses completed before doing Psychometry as it is commonly know as controlled day dreaming.

Siam Reiki Level 3 is Master Level. is the stage where personal expansion through the attunements from the teacher opens a professional pathway into the communities and being at service to humanity by helping people as a professional.

After becoming a Siam Reiki Master/Teacher the development does not stop as teachers can learn how to deliver all the above courses under the guidance of ON LINE teaching direct from Mr Lee (Steve). Certain courses such as the Transcending Entities ceremonies can only be delivered by Mr Lee, the founder of Siam Reiki and the developer of the training course.