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A few years ago Lee Wei-De (Steve) met Professor Chang in Taiwan at the Taiwan Community Health Development Association. In the meeting Steve was asked how reiki is classified as an healing art. (His reply; In the transfer of the reiki energy if the client has congested energy in any organs the reiki energy will change the polarities of the congested energy creating a detoxification affect and that congested matter will leave the body in some form of excretion). Professor Chang wanted to try a treatment and was mystified that Steve identified congested energy in the chakra’s by discussing an emotional time (personal life experience) with Steve guiding of how the energy can transmute from the chakra. It was after that person experience Professor Chang wanted to know more of how people learn this Healing Art and also its effectiveness in health care. Later after studying level 1 in Siam Reiki Professor Chang had another personal experience doing Siam Reiki treatments on her ill uncle. Amazed of the results initiated the incentive of developing research on the incredible healing art.


When Lee Wei-De had met with Doctors and Researchers in Taiwan if was clear that there are some credentials required for developing research with two main points. One, that students can provide a consistent self development of the aura and chakra expansion that will allow a larger spectrum of reiki energy being transferred that will create the clients rehabilitation of cells. Two, that there is indeed a consistent result/identified outcome on the participating clients illness that is quantified by the Professors research.

Both objectives met the research criteria showing the Siam Reiki had developed a standard affective method for students that study in Siam Reiki with it’s examination criteria of competency for students of IAHHS.

Siam Reiki teachers are quite experienced with beginners starting on the path of self development and discovery with the energy science and healing path. Knowledge about energy of the Aura, Chakra, Meridian lines (Chinese), Mama points and Nadi (Hindi) including the Sen Lines in Traditional Thai Massage are indeed important reference health sciences to know more details about as most times students only know about the Chinese science that never included the Chakra system that was referred to by (Hindi)  is in fact a completely different energy science also the way energy circulates in the body. 

​TRANSCENDING ENTITIES Ceremony in the  UNITED KINGDOM Transcending Entities training course has now grown a group of professionals. Under the leadership of Steven Burgess (Lee Wei-De). a team of professionals built a Safe structure for students that complete the entry level to becoming an apprentice leading into real action in the United Kingdom as Steve (Lee Wei-De) takes students ghost hunting and clearing lands.