My very first trip to Thailand has been to me just unforgettable, leaving it to the unexpected; everything has gone just fine and accurate. The two day course in Siam Reiki sealed the trip and some concerns about humanity; it has felt as a recall, a remembrance about the true essence of it. Love.

By mentioning that we could help, care about lots of people; you therefore leaded me into this divine path. Your unlimited belief you pass on to your students, it just seems you dedicate your life teaching such a spiritual knowledge i would say! To thank you would never be appropriate enough for such a living proof like you.

To come back here to Kuwait hasn’t been really easy to me as i feel different, adjustment with this world turned delicate, sometimes difficult and i will eventually end up escaping into my solitude. Hopefully i am busy working and will prepare the level two with you or Amir?

It has not been two months yet that i passed the first level and keep practicing as often as i can on me or people to sharp myself for later on.

I have moreover highly recommended your school and gave your web site as well, as some people are getting seriously interested.

It was a fortune to have met you.

 Very Best Regards.


Together with 7 others I joined the 2 days Reiki 1 course with Steve – and it was quite a strong experience! It was a pleasure to meet Steve (who really knows what he is doing). Steve has many years of experience doing Reiki and in addition he has great psycich abilities. I went to the course out of curiosity and I must say that I was a bit sceptic about this “energy work thing”; but the two days with Steve was an eye-opener to me, and I found that Reiki is a gentle but powerful gift. Today Reiki can help me if I am stressed out or sleepless, and I am looking forward to learn more at Reiki 2!

Anne Harden, An Phu

“an energetic and dynamic healer and Reiki Master with the drive and determination to push Reiki healing to another level. He hones and develops students psychic abilities to conduct an effective and powerful healing session”

Ruth Riordan

My weekend Reiki Training with Steve was also my first exposure to Reiki.  It was truly a heart and mind opening experience.  I came with no experience, but also no pre-conceived ideas.  Steve immediately put me at ease with his candid, plain English, straight forward manner and it was immediately apparent that he was a master of his skill, as well as an excellent speaker.  I had to take in a lot of new and foreign information, but his initial presentation really laid the ground work for the experience that was to come.

The training started with a step-by-step, logically sequenced presentation of what Reiki is, what it is NOT, how it’s used and how the skills to practice Reiki are developed in a person.  He gave us a very useful guide book, with color illustrations and guidance on the basic practice.  He then gave us all two “attunements,” to begin to activate the power within us to heal with our hands.  Everyone seemed to have a different experience during and after the attunements, but on the first day, mine experience left me puzzled and unsure that anything had happened.  The second day was spent almost entirely on learning the hands on practice, but also included two more attunements.  This is when I really “tuned” in.  Steve has an amazing gift, and shared that gift with us that day.  I began to really feel the energy in my body work it’s way through my hands and was literally stunned for a while.  It seemed to me that all of us had similar, but unique experiences.  We practiced giving and receiving Reiki treatments to each other and at the end of the day, I was energized and exhausted at the same time.  I felt very centered and confident.  I slept better than I had in weeks.  But I was also left with a feeling that I needed to know more, see more and experience more.  Like learning to read your first words in the middle of a library – very excited by the accomplishment, but also know there is SO much

Developing Psychic Awareness Course

7th April 2005

In the last seven days, I have learnt so much, and done things that to be honest I did not believe were possible, especially by myself.  The skills I’ve learnt have already started to help me whilst doing Reiki on a person.
I won’t lie, the last seven days have been hard work.  I’ve felt tired and drained by the end of the day but it’s still been greatfun.  Steve has a lot of knowledge without being big headed about it, he takes you to places you never expected to go to and shows you some things you may have been doing your whole life without even realizing it.  The course has given me a path to follow in my meditation practice and will also make me a better healer.
I think this course would be good for anyone who’s looking to take the next step on their path, especially those who were like myself and are not quite sure how to take it.
I feel recharged and now know what my next step is, I’m ready to start doing what I came here to do.

The truth is out there for those who seek it.
Love and Light

Always Everyway

Anthony Evans

Steve asked me to write what I got out of this course.  How do I put into words?  It has given me a purpose, a reason when I had none.  I was truly struggling and now I am not.  I’ve just got to allow and grow into what I can be.


21st November 2005
It was incredible experience, I had never know there is such a powerful, marvellous and beautiful way for healing.
Unfortunately I had never known ‘Real Meditation’ and I misunderstand it….. I thought “Meditation, it only can make me calm down”.  But it has POWER.
Meditation has power, can heal people, can improve myself, make me stronger!
Indeed, sometime it makes me hurt …. to brake “block” was hard, hurt and heavy for me.  But I did it!! We are not same as before, now we are different than before.

Nothing to be scared of…
Be open  …. My guides are always with me  …
I hope everyone in this world, in this universe, will join us, this world, this universe might be brighten!!  Covered with light of Peace!

Love and Peace,


21st November 2005

Doing this course has showed me how little I know.  But also shows me the potential I could have by using the tools which have been presented to me.  I can’t wait to get down to some serious work on myself by using these tools and more importantly using them to help others.  Steve is a teacher in a league of his own.  He pushed me to the limit like no other, he doesn’t play with words or beats around the bush.  He wants the best from his students.
Where did you say you were from Steve ???

21st November 2005

This course was so enlightening.  I got to know part of myself that lay dormant, and in the coming months I am looking forward to knowing more.
Something ignited inside of me, a passion for knowing more about my life’s journey, and how to use this meditation in healing with Reiki and in everyday living.
Working with my guides and using these meditation skills to heighten my awareness was great.
I feel privileged to have done the course with Steve.

Love and Light
Suzanne Eggleshaw

4th November 2009

Dear lovely people out there,

If you are here today, it means you are ready for this …. it means it’s time.

How to be sure it’s time … the universe will let everything fall into place.  Inside you will know and you will get the help you need.  I guess you want me to tell you about Steve.. well, “he is one of a kind”.  Experience him, trust him (the road will get rocky and bumpy) and most of all LISTEN carefully.  He knows exactly how to approach each one of you.
Start this course without any expectations, without judgement, be open…
It’s not about Steve, it’s not about you …. it’s about your Higher Self.  It’s about finding your soul’s purpose …
It’s about trusting your own inner voice, it’s about listening to that voice, no matter what happens on a physical level.
I must say though that Steve is lucky I am wise and old enough to know about unconditional love and no judgement, otherwise I would have slammed the door in his face more than once.  I would have kicked him, punched him and wacked his butt.  And let me tell you … if you are tempted to do all that … expect to get it all back, because if needed, he will not hesitate (ha ha).  So when it gets hard on you…. go out for a walk, cry, observe the butterflies, stuff your face, talk to toads, cry out for help, be patient, go wash his dishes, clean the walls in his kitchen and return to yourself.  The answers lay all in you.  Ask … Be in your integrity…
Live Life, Love, Light and Laughter
Lately I was searching for another L word that I could add to my line… so now it becomes
Life Life, Love, Light, Laughter and LISTEN
Dance and be free, carried by wind like a butterfly, no worries, you are taken care of.
I am sending all of you “special” love … pixie dust.  This love will heal you inside.  Share this love unconditionally with others on your journey.  A journey full of wonders you will meet.
A journey back into the light.

We all matter!!!
No expectations, no judgement, unconditional love.  Let the creator do his job.  It’s time to change the world.

12th March 2005
This course has been brilliant.  I feel very fortunate to have taken part.  It’s been a pivotal point in my life.  A key to an unlocked door.  An introduction to the psychic world, but also panting my feet firmly on the ground at the same time.  I’ve learned to heal myself and others, travel to other galaxies and been given an unlimited tool box to deal with anything that comes up with life.
I didn’t find it airy fairy at all, but very no nonsense, clear information, from Steve who is a very patient teacher.
I also did Reiki 1 here and I can apply a lot that I have learned on this course to the reiki.
It makes you feel like you get to have a say in where your life is headed and the world in which you live in, you can make a difference.
It’s unlike any other meditation course I’ve done before, and it has been a blast too.  We have laughed until we were in tears.
I have to say thank you to Steve for being an excellent teacher and all the other cool people I have met here doing the yoga, Chi Gong, Self defense, Reiki and the massage course.  Yes, I’ve done them all!!!

Jackie Paesano

17 February 2005
Steve is a supportive, insightful and knowledgeable teacher who has opened, not only my eyes, but the essence of my being to infinite possibilities.  He has taken me on a journey that I had not previously conceived of, let alone thought possible.  The depth of the meditation course has reached into my soul and is having a profound effect on my life.  This has been amazing and challenging but it is what I needed in my life right now.
I believe this course has been more beneficial for me than the 10 day silent meditation retreat I had considered doing in a buddhist monastery.  Steve’s guidance in this course has really opened the door so I can realise my full potential.
Thank you Steve

Sam Bishop

17th February 2005
Learning meditation is for me like travelling in other world.  And what a world:  a no limit world!  I learnt to be more open and to enhance my field of vision.
After these 8 days (the time spent very quickly!) I feel myself different with a lot of “keys” for my personal development, and thus I feel more confident for healing and helping other people.  But it was not easy at all!  Above all, in a foreign language.  I think before starting a meditation, you must feel yourself ready for changes and ready for dealing with some stuff that normally you may not want to deal with … I guess that was the right time for me, but I almost gave up the third day.  The third day, nothing happened (or I did not want it to happen!) and I felt very frustrated and low in my confidence.  On the same day, my Angel card said “Don’t take no for an answer… “, what I did … and the fourth day was ok.  Meditation is like hiking a mountain with different steps.  It can be very hard, but when you arrive on the top of the mountain, what an accomplishment!  You just forget the bad stuff, you feel released, happy … and expanded! (I am not sure that is the right word, in french ‘grandi’!)
In addition, with meditation, I have now a deeper understanding of reiki.  Before this training, I only worked with my hands during reiki.  Now I have a better understanding and view of my patient and know more how to help or heal him or her.  I just need to be careful not to take on in myself all the “shit” of my patient.  I guess that will come with practice…
I came in Thailand with a scrambled view of my path.  Now I can see the path…
Thank you Steve!

Sophie Cot

13 March 2009
If I have one word to say about my ‘meditation’ experience – it is ‘WOW’.  Yesterday, after finishing meditation number 27.  I told Steve “This is not a meditation course, this is more than that!  This is a course in freeing yourself from all the pains and traumas we carried inside, all our lives, and awakening to the power we have inside – and the purpose of it.

Steve is a strong, strict teacher, but he’s just as gentle and loving in strength.  And he is bloody good at it!! oh! and yes! He is crazy in a totally funny way!!
I didn’t know what to expect when I first arrived, all I knew was that it was and could be painful but in the end, the results are amazing, (By reading other people’s reviews).
Things did get unbearably painful for me when my blockages needed to be released, all that emotions, hurts, traumas and pains came up and there were times on day 4, I had asked if it would ever end!!!  BUT THEY DO!!! YAY!!!
And then the magic begins! Every meditation onwards got more and more revealing about my own abilities and the things I had never seen become visible to me.  This 8 days have been absolutely mind blowing for me and I truly have Steve to thank for, from my deepest heart!  So, go for it, and BE FREE!!

Mohana Kanah

20th January 2008

When Steve recommended this course to me I imagined all sorts of things … but nothing I imagined is anything like what actually happened!
Forget what your preconceived notions are of “meditation” are … this is TRANSFORMATION.  I started day 1 with ‘trepidation’ in one pocket and ‘self doubt’ in the other.  By day 7, both had disappeared – for good – I hope.
Steve is a gifted teacher, but what I most appreciate is that he doesn’t compromise  … he’s kicked my butt more than once, but boy did I need someone to do that.
Enjoy the journey, embrace any changes that happen along the way, open yourself up to life’s infinite possibilites!
In love and light
Priya Thomson

January 2008

Words simply cannot express what I have experienced in the past week.  I have wanted to do this course for a long time and it has truly exceeded my expectations.  Steve is a very unique teacher and only he could teach this course in this way.  To accomplish this level of psychic ability in a week which some people may take years in their attempt (but never achieve) the method is outstanding.
Personally, the flowing energy during the course has helped me to release some old stored emotions.  While this was a difficult time the release of emotion was very beneficial and will enable the energy to flow better.
From astral projection to psychic healing – the tools and techniques learnt on this course will be invaluable to me working towards my life purpose (whatever that might be!)
Thank you Steve

Pamela Manning

9 April 2007

I would like to share my experience with whoever would like to do the course with Steve.  I must say that it’s the experience of my life at the age of 39, why?
Because what I experienced is humanly impossible to believe never crossed my mind neither believe what I experienced what was happening to me during the course.

My emotions were changing from one exercise to another.  At one point I wanted to stop continuing the courses, I had so many questions and doubts about what is happening I decided to do one more exercise and see what happens from there.  What I found that a human is able to do beyond what you can imagine. (Do it, don’t doubt it).
Thank you Steve

Amir Muhsen