Master Steve And High Standards Of Therapy

Master Steve – Creator of high standards in professional Reiki therapy

Steve (Lee Wei-de) is the founder of Siam Reiki and pursuer of the mission as a Peace Keeper for the world.

He has been offering training programs in Reiki treatment from basic to advanced levels, as well as courses on personal growth and development to help people become self-aware, self-healing and able to help families and communities.

Steve has cooperated with Traditional Medicine Association in Thailand to tailor treatment programs that are integrated with conventional therapy. opening a therapy center in Thailand with many supporting tools and elements such as nutrition, indigenous herbs, qigong, Thai therapeutic massage, 3DMRA energy meter, Reiki, … and has assisted in many cases of intractable diseases, cancer and other serious diseases.

A world-class expert, with keen intuition and psychic healing abilities, Steve has traveled to therapy from Asia, Europe, the U.S., and Middle Eastern countries. At the same time, he is also recognized as a psychic and an alchemist.

With his keen ability to convey rustic, easy-to-understand information and his more than 20 years of experience working with other outstanding experts and lecturers in Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Taiwan, Steve has developed a force of Reiki practitioners and teachers that lead the way compared to other Reiki Masters.

Before Reiki, Steve was a Kung Fu teacher, teaching subjects such as qigong, acupressure, bone alignment, hot and cold compresses, and massage therapy. There are more than 200 students in the Kung Fu department. At the same time, Steve is a master and currently teaches spiritual and energy sciences such as: Reiki courses (levels); Developing Psychic Abilities (DPA), Crystal Healing, Radiant Pendulum, Psychometric Measurement (related to attitudes, beliefs) and transcendent entities, …

Steve’s knowledge spans many areas As a Reiki Therapist, he has worked with more than 9,000 clients, trained thousands of high-quality Reiki Trainers and created thousands of Reiki Therapists. He set very high standards for Reiki and created a completely different level of professional therapy.

Students rated Steve as a smart, easy-to-understand, strong, ethical, and natural teacher. Steve’s unconditional love is evident during therapy and even after therapy.

Steve has a special love for Vietnam, complementary therapies, and Vietnamese herbal medicines. He has come to Vietnam for training and therapy many times and is always expected by those who understand Reiki.

You’ll be lucky to learn Steve!

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