Siam Reiki Teachers Can Do Examinations

Siam Reiki Teachers can do an examination to see if you have studied reiki or not.

Siam Reiki teachers can evaluate to see if you have studied reiki before or not, as they can evaluate how the energy is flowing or if you have been trained in a meditation method of projecting energy. Or have been trained as a trance medium also if the energy is from good levels or not.

A; The first thing that is quite clear for those that have not studies proper reiki training is that the Aura will become smaller when the person is performing a energy transfer treatment. They will become sick f try treat illness.

B; Another is if the energy is coming from a spectrum that consists of mindful energy such as spirits that are good or bad energy that can create harm to clients.

C; If the energy is from earth energy only, it will be thicker/lower frequencies and will not change the congested energy in the clients body, therefore they don’t know about reiki.By Brahmajarn

Lee Wei-De (Steve)

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