Being a Siam Reiki teacher means the student had already achieved Master Level 3 in Siam Reiki more than 1 year previous and has experienced performing treatment professionally after completion of Siam Reiki level 3. Though not a teacher, but a professional healer of the physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual bodies in the traditional science of health and energy transfer therapy of Traditional Reiki.

 It is the Universe that chooses the teacher of Siam Reiki, meaning that only a few people will achieve the level noted as Level 4 training to become a Siam Reiki teacher. It has been said it is the Incarnate in this life with the Soul memory that requires a people to really feel the desire to become a Teacher of Siam Reiki, but there is much more to it than that concept. Teachers require personal development from Siam Reiki level 1, expansion of the aura, raise the Kundalini energy and activate the Ajna bring the person gifts of Extrasensory perception.

Brahmajarn Lee Wei De (Steve) is the founder of Siam Reiki® and a pioneer in the field of Energy Transfer Therapy and Integrative Medicine methods. Such as combinations Herbal medicine, Chi-Gong, Meditations, Reiki also Massage styles while using the Quantum Chromo Kinetic equipment for Diagnosis and monitoring the effectiveness. Health consultant in traditional therapies. He is a founding member of the Institute of Applied Holistic Health Science (IAHHS) which has opened more pathways for professional therapists to provided recognition to teachers across the world.  
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KWAN is a local Thai with skills in Siam Reiki Master Teacher and has( Has taught Siam Reiki Master Teacher  level her graduate student) including all the support subjects. Her experience in doing treatments in Hospitals with many mystifying positive results.As a teacher of many different styles of massage with her hands on approach. She is a board member of Siam Traditional Doctors Association, and has dedicated her life to Wellness and Spa.

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KuwaitReem is a certified Siam Reiki Teacher. She has also taken courses in Crystal Healing, Pendulum, Psychometry,  Developing Psychic Awareness, and Transcending Entities.


Tel: M+965 55535959Skype: reem-al-hunaidi

China/ Thailand/ Singapore

 is a certified Siam Reiki Master Teacher. She has also studied  Crystal Healing, Pendulum diagnosis, Developing Psychic Awareness (dpa), Psychometry , Qi Gong, How to see Aura, and Transcending Entities from the Institute of Applied Holistic Health Sciences, Thailand.


​Teachers of Siam Reiki require skills that are not commonly developed in the average classroom or people, they require methods to guide students in their own personal growth with spirit guides. Teachers also need methods of guiding students when performing a Siam Reiki treatment and that requires the teacher to know where the Reiki energy is coming from, how it is flowing through the students body. We have just listed some basics here but there is much more that is required of a Siam Reiki teacher.

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