Vietnam Gathering 2023

“This course is not only about spiritual rituals or developing psychic abilities! This is an event that could change the world, through your personal growth. You can, you are possible and you’re bigger than who you think you are.”

• Place: Sparrows’ Nest, House D128, Thanh Xuan Villa, Thanh Xuan Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam | February 18, 2023 – February 26, 2023


Welcome all Souls Open Up, Wake Up,

* If you wish to pursue a new career as a light-worker

* If you wish to develop a healthy physical body, heal emotional wounds, alleviate mental instability, and increase viber, your energy

*If you want to heal yourself, or anyone on this earth you love

*If you want more tools to communicate with spiritual guides to strenthen decisions in life, work, love, …

*If you find yourself worth of an investment

You will like this event, love this event and be extremely excited about it.

? Let me tell you the reasons why:

? Firstly, you will be able to participate in unprecedented Special Courses on Psychic and Healing Skills with the top-rated shamans. Specially Master Steve with healing energy and skill in #SiamReiki class; 30 meditation sessions developing psychic awareness in #DPA class and 7 basic movement in #Qicong that you can practise all life long
? Second, Receive energy and treatment from other Masters
? Third, special class to support for healing treatment like Crystal healing, Pendulumn Diagnosis, Reading information from Master of Wisdom – Angel card … will be taught by Siam Reiki teachers from other countries


? Feb 18 – Feb 19: Siam Reiki Level 1: Self-healing course with white Light Energy (Master Steve)

? Feb 20 – Feb 26: Qigong Class for beginners with 07 practical exercises for lifetime health improvement by Master Lee Wei Dei (Master Steve)

? Feb 20 – Feb 26: 30-guided meditation course to enhance your Psychic ability: Opening Third Eye (Siam Reiki’s most successful and emotional course) – Require Siam Reiki Level 1 up

? Feb 20 – Feb 21: Crystal Healing (for Level 1 Siam Reiki up) – Please contact to check your current level

? Feb 22 – Feb 23: Pendulumn Diagnosis (for Level 2 Siam Reiki up) – Please contact to check your current level

? Feb 27 – 28: Siam Reiki Level 3

? [ NEW ] Feb 18 – 19: Siam Reiki Level 2

? [ NEW ] Feb 20 – 21: Crystal Healing

? [ NEW ] Feb 22 – 23: Pendulumn Diagnosis – to determine the date, time and location of the subject with health, emotional, spiritual or spiritual problems…


? Tuition Fee – Exclusive travel and accommodation fees:

* Siam Reiki Level 1 – 400$
* DPA Meditation Course – 900$
* Basic Qigong Class – 300$
* Siam Reiki Level 2 – 630$ **
* Crystal Healing – 400$ **
* Pendulum Diagnosis – 400$ **

? Special Offer:

1. Classes with ** , 10% off when registering before 23G59 on 03/02/2023

2. New students register for Siam Reiki Level 1 + DPA Third Eye Psychic Skills Meditation Course will be offered free Master Steve’s Basic Qigong Course for (Of note, completion of Reiki Level 1 is a prerequisite for an effective DPA class).

3. Former students who studied Siam Reiki and shared program information about Vietnam Gathering February 2023 : Receive Extra 10% off on all courses

4. Non-refundable- You can transfer to someone else.

To receive more information about other promotions, please contact: Ms Anju – Hotline (+84) 89 850 5135 (WhatsApp/ Line)

You won’t know what you’re missing, let come and join us!


Love & Peace


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