What is Reiki?

Reiki is….

Level one in Reiki is a form of laying-on of hands. When the hands are on each location on the body and the spirit energy is flowing through the therapist, the key point is to feel when the energy stops flowing to each area where the hand is placed. This will indicate to the therapist that the energy centre has become balanced and energized.

Reiki is in perfect harmony with other healing techniques and practices. It is an energy support system that acts in conjunction with other healing practices such as conventional treatments.
Reiki is a technique for activating and restoring the life-force energy within and around the body. It balances the chakras which are the energy centers of every living person’s body to have a healthier body and mind.

If a client is receiving complimentary and alternative treatments, Reiki should not be combined with these methods as they are changing the energies within the body. Consulting with a qualified Reiki therapist who is able to combine both a complimentary and alternative health package is recommended.

Reiki supports medical procedures and practices and neither conflicts or interferes with corrective treatments. It assists in healing the client’s body quickly and naturally.

Reiki energy can be used on all life forms such as humans, plants and animals and other living forces.

Reiki is a consistent method for relieving and reducing stress, tension and hypertension. It releases the congested energy produced in day to day activities in a pleasant gentle manner, preventing the deepening of tension in the body and mind. Tension and hypertension are associated with disease, illness and crisis.

The therapist has a connection to the client and an infinite supply of intelligent spirit energy which calms the mind and emotions, releasing the client from feelings of helplessness and provides a consistent means of releasing congested energy from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Massage techniques are very powerful and have been used for centuries to promote health and healing. Many recognized training centers have identified that the massage therapist should learn level 1 in Reiki to induce the relaxation process whilst the client is receiving a massage. Although energy is flowing through the therapist during the massage, it is not completing a full Reiki treatment.

It has been proven that learning Reiki will strengthen the immune system. Therefore, it is good to do Reiki treatments on ourselves on a regular basis. Reiki is safe to use in any situation whether the client is in hospital, at home or in a spa environment. A Reiki therapist can still provide a treatment regardless.

Reiki energy is available for the rest of your life once you are attuned correctly to Reiki energy by a fully qualified Siam Reiki Master Teacher.

A therapist’s development will be determined by the amount of energy drawn into their body and how sensitive they become to the flow and ceasing of energy through their body.

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