Clearing And Understanding Dark Energies

ARTICLE – Clearing and Transcending Dark Negative Energies, Mindful Entities That Don’t Serve You

While there can be many things you will read and find on the internet and can deal with when it comes to having, attracting, and getting rid off (transcending) dark negative energies aka entities, there are only 3 things you should be looking at when it comes to those psychic attacks and how to protect yourself from them.

The three things you’ll learn by the end of this article are, the types of unwanted dark negative energy (also known as mindful entities) an individual can attract, how they’ve attracted them, and most importantly how to transcend them (get rid of them) and stay protected in the future (moving forward).

First you’ll need to understand WHAT ARE DARK NEGATIVE ENERGIES also known, identified, and called as such: mindful entities, dark spirits, curses, black magic, anchors, demons, demonic beings, psychic attacks etc. no matter the name none of those forms or rituals are meant for the highest of good of any recipient.

They can be affecting you physically, energetically, emotionally, spiritually, as well as an inside of your home. It also can affect what you think, speak, do, desire, and feel all in the purpose of trying to control, manipulate or punish you depending on how it became attracted to you/towards you.

None of those spirits are from the highest of good, and they’re not looking to make friends with you. If you’ve been feeling off and are experiencing any of these symptoms you might have attracted a dark negative energy or have been cursed with black magic. Noticed any of these lately…

Acting not like yourself lately, changes in behavior, feeling like you’re out of character?
Any possible memory problems, forgetting things?
Changes in your clarity and analytical thinking?
Feeling drained and experiencing fatigue for no reason?
Having frequent nightmares or hearing voices?
Strange recurring accidents, or feeling like you’re being watched?
Feeling a sense of discomfort and fear walking into your home, certain room, work office?
Sudden loss of energy and/of self-confidence issues?
Or illnesses that can not be explained/diagnosed?

These are just a few symptoms individuals might notice if there has been an entity, a dark negative energy in his walking presence or located inside his or her home. No matter if you have something with you or you don’t now you need to understand why it’s been attracted and how you can actually clear it out of your being and presence.

Where most might think that dark energies only come from movies and they end up being spells made with little dolls by dark magic shamans you would be surprised that some of the most common ways HOW INDIVIDUALS ATTRACTED UNWANTED DARK NEGATIVE ENERGIES are very not what we’ve been conditioned to believe.

Yes, there are skilled dark magic practitioners as well as individuals that have been using techniques for good and have a moment of weakness and instead of spreading love and light use what they know against the best interest of others. Outside of those people, these are the most common ways a person can attract dark negative energies to themselves by themselves.

The most common one is our own EGO, the entertainment of it especially when it comes to negative thought forms (ways of thinking) when it comes to feeling anger, rage, and fear. Furthermore negative thinking, wishing harm to others, revenge, resentment, vindictiveness, jealousy, animosity and any low vibration frequency thoughts and emotions. For the most part they are lodged in a person’s body or many layers of their auras finally surfacing and causing many difficulties in a person’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body.

Now it is normal to experience those emotions occasionally or for some on a little bit more frequent basis depending on their lifestyle, none of those should or will attract dark negative energies but those on-going repressed emotions inside of your fields overtime can turn into and/or attract an unwanted dark negative entity.

Anything occurring on a long term basis can weaken your energetic field allowing other dark negative entities enter. Another common way to attract unwanted energies are possible long-term DESTRUCTIVE HABITS. In this case we’ve already touched on an effect of long term low vibration emotions. Habits that are causing damage to your physical being. Drinking alcohol and/or using any illegal drugs are the most common causes that can weaken your physical body which in turn will affect your energetic body as everything is interrelated in turn attracting those unwanted dark negative energies.

And one of the last dark energies you’ll encounter will be gray or dark matter. Usually found in your etheric body, your aura. Dark matter is mainly stored emotion over the years, another possible application as well could be from black magic. As an example, dark matter around your crown chakra, your head can symbolize a stored emotion such as depression. For the most part all related to psychotherapy – mental disorders rather than anything , emotional, physical or spiritual. 

Now I know it all might sound scary because those are the normal common things we all do and experience even from the people we know, love, and trust doing them on a day to day basis but there is a light at the end of this tunnel of dark unwanted entities. I’m about to share with you the best and simplest solution on how you can get rid of most if not all dark negative energies.

Your best and simplest solution would be, holding the intention of peace. Why is that? I want you to considering that dark negative energies and entities that might be with you and/or around you have no concept of peace. They are lost mindful energies (souls) that have not transcended back you source that is why they are with you.

How do you Hold The Intention Of Peace? It’s simple. You need to get a candle (scented or unscented doesn’t matter). You need to light it and get into your favorite meditation pose, preferably sitting or in a lotus pose. As you’re in your meditation pose reach a sense of peace in your mind, then you’ll say this internally to yourself.

“As I hold this intention of peace I am asking all of my angels, my spirit guides, and my  ancestors to hold the intention of peace with me. And if there is anything that isn’t willing to hold the intention of peace with me you needs to leave.”

After you repeat that internally, hold that intention for about 10 minutes being in the neutral observation of what will happen as you do so. It is recommended to do this meditation twice a day, morning and evening for at least 7 days. If for any reason you’ll still feel like there might be some energies with you, it’ll be best to schedule a traditional Reiki treatment or contact a Traditional Reiki Master to help you transcend these entities.

One of our clients was going through a lot from a car accident that resulted in creating post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and negative thought forms which over a period of time caused him to have severe physical issues. Because of weakened mental and physical systems he attracted dark negative energies to him that would come and go as they please making him feel like he was possessed, not himself at all. He was asked to meditate and Hold The Intention of Peace for a week, after that period he felt much better, yet his physical symptoms were too advanced to support him over Skype so he flew from San Diego, California to 7 Stones in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand to get a detailed 3DNLS scan, herbs from the local herb doctor, as well as study Reiki Level 1, Level 2, Chi Gong, DPA Course (Developing Psychic Abilities), and a couple other things to get back on track with his physical well being as well as raise his vibration and increase his frequency spectrum from the chakra expansions that happen during energetic attunements performed in his face for Reiki Level 1 and 2 for further protection and benefits of healing on oneself with being able to perform Reiki on yourself daily as well as the incredible healing benefits of doing Reiki on others.

Another one of our students originally just reached out to remove the seven dark negative energies that were applied to her and her family with a curse using black magic. After the Free Energy Reading Consultation and a detailed assessment of the situation along with best possible recommendations she decided to come to 7 Stones for a week as Holding The Intention of Peace Meditation practice was not sufficient enough to break the black magic curse. During the student’s first evening at 7 Stones the curse and all seven mindful dark negative energies were removed and transcended. She was able to get a peaceful night sleep and then she began her study for energy protection, thought control, and Reiki Level 1.

From a bigger picture there are always similarities but each case is always different and needs to be approached a certain way to be cleared and completed. If you like what you’ve read in this article and/or have any specific issue you’re looking to resolve, make sure to claim your own Free Energy Reading Consultation. We’ll be happy to spend 20-30 minutes with you to deliver tons of value by looking into your aura and chakra systems; finding out what you’re dealing with energetically and your best possible solutions for your soul purpose and needs in this lifetime.

If this sounds like something you would like to take advantage of you can Schedule Your Free Energy Reading Consultation via our online calendar scheduling system by clicking here. In the comment section list the best way to reach you such as Skype, LINE, WhatsApp and/or Facebook link to set up the call. Of you can just reach us directly via the contact options listed below. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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