How To See The “Aura” – Course Of Siam Reiki

‘Aura’ is the esoteric name given to the energy field around any living thing. In the case of the human body, the etheric (sometimes referred to as etheric body, or etheric aura) is located 3-5cm around and beyond the physical body, and this is where the centre of the chakras are located.

Beyond and around the etheric is what is referred to as the aura, which extends several feet beyond the physical body; the degree to which it extends depends greatly on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of the person.

So someone who is in fantastic health and has a good spiritual connection will have a very expansive aura, whereas someone who is extremely ill will have a depleted aura. Within the aura is a whole host of information about the person which, when understood, can be used to assist the person in their healing process.

When in-tune with our own aura, it can also work as a sort of signalling barrier, which gives us information about the people and things around us. Almost all people have an awareness of their sense of personal space – you’ll probably have noticed that you’re more welcoming of some people into this space than you are of others – and this awareness of people entering into our personal space is in fact our subconscious awareness of someone being present in our immediate energy field, or ‘aura’.

In increasing our sensitivity to our own auras we are then able to use this awareness and information to become more aware of the impact people around us are having on our own energy. For example, when someone who is depressed is inside your auric field, they will likely be draining your energy (subconsciously trying to take it to expand their own aura) and you will start feeling very depleted. In becoming aware of this, you will then know to create more physical space between yourself and them, so as to take better control over whether or not they are able to feed off your energy.

So, why would someone want to be able to ‘see’ the aura? First thing, let’s be straight with what we mean by ‘seeing’ the aura: To be able to see the aura does not necessarily mean that one is able to see this energy field vividly as they would a solid object such as a tree or a chair. ‘Seeing’ refers to ‘seeing’ with the sixth sense, and whist some people do indeed see the aura and different colours within it clearly, ‘seeing’ in this context can also be to do with having a strong feeling, or sense of knowing about something that is within the aura of another.

The ‘How to See the Aura’ course teaches students how to become more sensitive to the information housed within people’s auras, and specifically to identify congested energy and information within the chakras.

During the course students are introduced to breathing exercises to activate their Ajna (Third Eye), which will enable them to ‘see’ better, as well as eye muscle training exercises to help increase sensitivity to actually visually seeing energy. Students are also introduced to exercises for seeing energy in nature, such as Earth energy and plant energy.

Some of the benefits of learning ‘How to See the Aura’ are that the student gains a better understanding of why they ‘feel’ certain things and what it is that they are feeling, so that they can use this information in a practical way to enhance their everyday life experiences.

This course is particularly beneficial to Siam Reiki practitioners, massage therapists and other energy workers, as it enables them to get a sense of what the client is needing even before they are on the treatment table. So for example in the case of a Reiki practitioner, they may instantly pick up that the client has an entity with them or an energetic hook in their aura, and so they are well-prepared for what they will be needing to deal with when the client is on the table.

Or perhaps they can see that the client has disease in a particular organ, and consequently they are able to offer advice as to what the client can do to follow-up their journey to better health after the treatment. In the case of a massage therapist, in seeing the information in the client’s aura they may know for example to be particularly gentle in a specific area of the client’s body, or that a specific area needs particular attention.

Training in How to See the Aura takes place over 2 days. Over time, through the continued practice of the techniques learnt during this course, practitioners find that their reading of auras and the information they are able to gather about their clients’ blockages becomes enhanced.

Find out more about this course on the IAHHS website, or if you have further questions or would like to find out about training possibilities in your area, contact us.

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